Interactive Blogs That Develop Community

Here are a list of blogs that I found to be very interactive, helpful and strong in creating a sense of community and connection between blogger and reader.

1. Light Stalking: This photography based blog provides encouragement and helpfulness to readers focused on photography. Contributors constantly give tips and tutorials to users on how they can become better photographers and find their niche in the photography world. Light Stalking has built an interactive community with readers by letting them submit their on work and respond with real feedback from contributors. The blog will link other sites and videos that can be useful to readers interested in becoming a better photographer.

2. iMore: This blog gives readers information regarding all things Apple. The sites biggest strength is the in-depth analysis it conducts on apple product and events. With reviews and how to sections, readers can properly research Apple products before buying. Contributors will host multiple live coverage when Apple hosts Large events, giving real time updates to keep readers informed. A sense of community is built as readers can post their thoughts on what is written, create forums to interact with other users and download the sites mobile application from the Apple Store. iMore links other blogs that they affiliate with, discussing different technological news such as Android and Microsoft.

3. Thought Catalog: The style of freedom and equal opportunity this blog gives to its readers is what makes it a strong community blog. This site lets readers contribute their own work to express their thoughts on any topic they desire. The use of listicles and gifs makes some of the blog post light hearted and enjoyable, while the comments section gives readers a chance to voice their own opinion. With the openness and use of social media, this blog has created a community for individuals to convey their own message and communicate with others easily.