Best Blogs: Health, Fulfillment and Spirituality

Two blogs that I find most interesting are through The Huffington Post– HuffPost Religion and HuffPost The Third Metric. The Third Metric is posts that help to “redefine success beyond money and power.” And HuffPost Religion writes about all different religions from Buddhism to Christianity. It also includes death, which can be morbid, including write-ups about past murder/suicide cases, but it also can be uplifting, with beautiful poems and eulogies.

I enjoy HuffPost Religion, because I like to discuss and read about religion. I took a Maimonides class this past semester, which focused on the Jewish religion, so I like to read and learn about others, and contrast and compare them all. Religion is the focal point of so many global problems that it’s interesting to read about the peace it gives so many. I also enjoy the different sections for each religion, including Islam, Christianity, Hinduism. The sections makes the blog easy to navigate, and choose something that interests you, but it also aggregates all on the website. One of my favorite pieces from HuffPost Religion that I happened to stumble on was about the Bible and who wrote it: it led to many debates with friends and family:

The blog also has a slideshow of pictures with captions at the bottom to add to the story, but they can stand alone as well so if you’re just up for looking at pictures then it’s a good and informational option. It’s also very timely because it includes pieces about what’s going on in the world having to do with religion, (or a lack there of).

HuffPost The The Metric is probably one of my favorite blogs. I’ve made the choice to pursue a career that I’m passionate about rather than one I know will make me a lot of money, but I will be unhappy about. The Third Metric publishes stories like these– about people that make the transition from a monetarily successful job to one that’s not so lucrative but makes them more happy. It’s also easy to navigate with the most featured post at the top with a big picture to go with it, that makes you want to read further. It’s also a pretty fun blog similar to BuzzFeed because it has “listacles”. For example, “9 Easy Steps to Becoming a Decent Human Being” Who wouldn’t want to click on that?

The third blog I like is called, A Canvas Of The Minds, a mental health blog, which is one of my favorite topics to both read and write about. The title is very creative and shows its dedication and passion for mental health– it gives those with mental illness a platform to speak and be heard. Many different authors post to the blog, and they’re all listed and have links to their own personal blogs as well so it’s easy to follow everyone. Many of the posts are very personal and so my connection to what I’m reading, and who I’m reading about, is strong. The blog also lists its awards and links to its other social media accounts. It also has a crisis tab for what to do if someone is in crisis, and numbers to call. Though it says that the authors on the blog are not medically licensed to diagnose or give remedies, I think A Canvas Of The Minds is a very emotional and informative blog.