Barca Blogs: Sifting Through La Mierda

As both an American and a fan of FC Barcelona, the greatest futbol team on the planet, I understand that part of being a fan of a European sport can include an arduous search for ways to watch your team. It is not always so easy when you consider differences in time zones, broadcasting rights, channel availability and language barriers. Fortunately, the tech-powers that be have provided the world with a multitude of ways to get your fix 24/7.

In this post I will be highlighting three blogs that are worthy of your time if you want to keep up to date on all things BARCA. Real Madrid fans can leave now.

1) Barca Blaugranes– Hosted by SBNation, this blog is curated by faithful fans of FC Barcelona. The site itself is full of the blue (Blau) and red (Grana) colors that adorn the Barcelona team jerseys. Social media is clearly a powerful driver of this site, with tweets from experts and the players themselves peppered throughout the page. The site is easily navigated and provides some of the most comprehensive coverage of the team. The tone of the writing is often fiercely loyal, with barbs directed at Real Madrid fans whenever possible and references to the team are often written as, “we,” even when discussing the negatives. Ex: “We kicked Real Madrid’s ass today,” or “We looked lazy and out of sorts today.”

2) Barcelona Football Blog– This is a smaller blog than the Blaugranes and far more “sterile,” to put it mildly. The posts are well written and informative to a degree, but do not seem to come from a place of fierce loyalty, but rather a “football intellectual.” The posts are not nearly as frequent or as social media driven as Blaugranes, which may leave something to be desired for the rabid fans out there.

3) Bleacher Report– Very much like the SB Nation hosted Blaugranas in style, if not in spirit. Bleacher report provides a wealth of links to all things Barcelona. They often include the front page from some of the local newspapers in Barcelona (the team is often on the front page) when there is something especially interesting going on. Bleacher Report is my go to site for finding out how to watch FC Barcelona play. Sometimes it is not so simple as scrolling through a guide on TV, and they keep me up to date with the online streaming options.


Television Blogs You Should Tune Into

Are you looking for a place to find all your favorite TV spoilers? Read reviews on your favorite episodes, or just voice your opinion on your favorite (or not so favorite) parts of this week’s episodes? Then following a TV blog is perfect for you. Here is a list of three television blogs to help fulfill your TV fix.


TVLine is a blog I often turn to when I’m looking for the latest spoilers on my favorite television shows. The format of their blog is clear and concise, with photos that accompany all of their stories. Their writing takes on more of an informal tone, which helps to grab the reader. The posts consist of quotes from television creators, writers and actors, helping to support their story. The blog builds a community by allowing readers to post comments as well as an “Ask Ausiello” section. This allows readers to send in questions about their favorite television shows.

Entertainment Weekly 

Entertainment Weekly covers their television news both online and in print. One of the biggest strengths of the blog is their reviews on a variety of television shows. Each week a list of television shows are rated and given a corresponding letter grade. The site also posts video interviews of cast members, TV trailers and pop culture personality tests. Entertainment Weekly’s television blog falls into a specific niche. The blog allows for readers to interact with one another by leaving comments at the bottom of each story.

The TV Addict 

One of The TV Addict’s biggest strengths is the bold headlines and large photos used on their home page. Each title is specific and to the point. The photos that correspond with each story are dramatic and appropriate, drawing the reader to the article. The stories are written in more of a sarcastic tone, with dramatic punctuation. Just as the other blogs, The TV Addict provides a space for the readers’ comments, creating a sense of community.

Interactive Blogs That Develop Community

Here are a list of blogs that I found to be very interactive, helpful and strong in creating a sense of community and connection between blogger and reader.

1. Light Stalking: This photography based blog provides encouragement and helpfulness to readers focused on photography. Contributors constantly give tips and tutorials to users on how they can become better photographers and find their niche in the photography world. Light Stalking has built an interactive community with readers by letting them submit their on work and respond with real feedback from contributors. The blog will link other sites and videos that can be useful to readers interested in becoming a better photographer.

2. iMore: This blog gives readers information regarding all things Apple. The sites biggest strength is the in-depth analysis it conducts on apple product and events. With reviews and how to sections, readers can properly research Apple products before buying. Contributors will host multiple live coverage when Apple hosts Large events, giving real time updates to keep readers informed. A sense of community is built as readers can post their thoughts on what is written, create forums to interact with other users and download the sites mobile application from the Apple Store. iMore links other blogs that they affiliate with, discussing different technological news such as Android and Microsoft.

3. Thought Catalog: The style of freedom and equal opportunity this blog gives to its readers is what makes it a strong community blog. This site lets readers contribute their own work to express their thoughts on any topic they desire. The use of listicles and gifs makes some of the blog post light hearted and enjoyable, while the comments section gives readers a chance to voice their own opinion. With the openness and use of social media, this blog has created a community for individuals to convey their own message and communicate with others easily.