All American Hamburger Drive in Chosen Best Burger on Long Island

The All American Hamburger Drive-In was chosen one burger on Long Island by The Best of Long Island for the seventh year in a row on February 9th.

The Massapequa based burger shack has been open since 1963 and hasn’t experienced a major menu change since then.

“They are decently priced, it’s cheap enough where you can still get another burger,” Bryan Antonoff, a senior from Saint Joseph’s college and a customer at the All American Burger said.

Burgers from the restaurant look a little flat in their wrapping but that doesn’t take away from the taste. “I didn’t really look at it much I just ate it,” Antonoff said.

“It actually tasted like real meat. It had more consistency,” Antonoff said.  It didn’t taste like it was that processed.”

The All American Hamburger Drive-in is a family owned business currently managed by the grandson of the founder, Rich Vultaggio; his father managed the restaurant before him.

“Since the beginning everything has been the same. We haven’t changed many things since 1963,” Vultaggio said. The restaurant is still housed in its original building. Even the types of condiments offered have remained consistent

The menu includes only 11 items. Hamburgers go for $1.40 and cheeseburgers cost 20 cents extra.

“Everything we have here is fresh. Our beef is delivered six days a week. The produce comes in three days a week,” Vultaggio said. “We are able to keep the prices low and it keeps the people coming in.”

The Massapequa location is the only All American Burger in existence. “If there was one out by me I’d go to them over normal fast food,” Antonoff, who lives in Shoreham said.

The Bethpage Credit union sponsors the Best ff Long Island program to promote local businesses. This year over 50,000 businesses were nominated and 2,000,000 votes were cast according to the Best of Long Island Press website.

There are 480 categories in which winners are chosen. In each category only first place wins. The winning business is announced early each year and is featured on the Bethpage Best of Long Island Press website.