MARCH ON: A climate action film by Erica Cirino to be released this Wednesday, May 6

“We’re running out of time.” Dr. James E. Hansen

Former NASA scientist and current climatologist at Columbia University in New York City

From droughts to floods to blizzards to melt, the impacts of Earth’s quickly changing climate are making themselves heard loud and clear.

Climate experts like Hansen agree that the Earth’s increasingly frequent extreme weather events, global warming and shifts in climatic patterns, are, without a doubt, primarily the result of human activity, not natural variation. And, these experts say, if nothing is done to slow global warming, the main culprit of climate change, we’re basically doomed to a future incompatible with human life. Our warming limit? Just two degrees Celsius. Which is not much.

“We’re running out of time.”

Youth have largely taken the reigns in the fight against climate change. They have reacted by holding “climate actions” such as marches, sit-ins and other peaceful demonstrations to communicate the problem to their representatives in government, who have yet to enact any sweeping climate change policies that actually stand a chance of saving the planet.

In September 2014, with an estimated 400,000 participants, the People’s Climate March—hosted by climate change activist group, is, as of the present day, considered to be the biggest climate change rally in history. Thousands of college students of the 18-24-year-old set, both American and international, made up a significant portion of the march’s population. Inspired by their education, part of this youth demographic included students (accompanied by their professors) from Stony Brook University‘s Sustainability Studies Program and School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences.

This is their story.

Catch the full film, and story, on Wednesday, May 6, 2015


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