Gorillas in the Crossfire – NYT Web Video

Gorillas in the Crossfire by NYTimes.com is an example of a web video that tells a story without a reporter narrating. I really like the opening sequences because it introduces the story nicely. The wide shot shows that the story takes place in the jungle. There is a mix of music and natural environment sound to set the scene.

Virunga National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo, 2012.

Orlando Von Einsiedel uses a couple of graphics toward the beginning of the video to give some background on the situation of that the gorillas and the rangers are in. I think that the text graphics work in this case. There is a lot of raw footage that is left without narration or music. Von Einsiedel lets the park rangers tell their stories about how they, and the gorillas survive in the war zones of Congo.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 8.01.33 PM

The video has well framed videos with sound bites that show the subjects personality and address the issues in the story. I didn’t get bored because the story was visually engaging. The gorillas, the war scenes and the environmental shots themselves were beautiful.

This is the style that I want to emulate for my final project video.

In web video, a videographer has to shoot as much as possible because once he or she returns to the editing room, that’s it. There is no recorded voiceover to fill in the blanks. There is no stand up to clarify points. There is only the interviews, the broll and the small number of text graphics. Producing web videos is a skill because you have to get crafty.


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