Newsday: Long Island students opt out rate of common core testing

Newsday’s data about the number of students who dropped out of common core testing is very helpful. Two semesters ago I wrote about the common core and common core testing in the tristate area. This date would have been very beneficial to include in my story. Previously, before this data, I found reports about the test scores of students in different school districts. Some schools reported very high test scores while others reported very low scores; but this data is extremely important because it adds another dimension to the story– how many students are dropping out of the tests? Test scores only mean so much if more than half of the student population is dropping out.

Though Newsday didn’t incorporate their own story with this data, I could add it to my own, or write a follow-up story using this data.

One thing I found interesting was that the data for Hempstead was missing. Remembering back to over the summer when I was researching test scores from school districts on long island, Hempstead had a significantly lower average test score than other districts. I wonder why they are exempt from Newsday’s data? Will they eventually release the data?


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