Five Thirty Eight: Free Community College

In January when President Obama made his State of the Union address he proposed the idea of free community college, but now local governments’ and community college presidents are questioning if the proposal is even possible. Five Thirty Eight published a story by Hayley Munguia, using two graphs to help support their story. The first graph shows how likely community college presidents are to support free community college, while the other graph shows that the net cost of community colleges has actually declined.

The two graphs help to visually put into perspective how many community colleges would support the idea of free schooling and the net price of community college tuition. I think if I saw these numbers written in the story i wouldn’t be able to grasp the concept. I would just skip over them, never fully grasping what it meant. When readers are forced to look at a graph it catches their eye and puts it in their face to read it.


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