Data Map Shows the Best Place to be a Phan.

What would we do if there was no such thing as recorded music? Go see a band play live.

What would we do if we wanted to know all the places that the rock band, Phish, have played in their 30 year history since 1983? Make a map.

That is what data scientist, and Phan (Phish + fan = Phan), Seth Kadish did. By using data from the Phan run website,, Kadish created a map that not only counts the amount of shows held in each state, but also the winding paths of the various tours across the country. The big winners are Vermont and New York, with 242 and 209 shows, respectively. The next highest is Massachusetts, with 97 shows.

For prospective home buyers who also happen to be Phans, this map should help with buying decisions. After all, Phish has never played in either of the Dakotas, Arkansas (really don’t blame them on this one), Wyoming, Alaska or Hawaii. Those are not optimal locations for Phans.

Data maps like this are great for visualizing trends and monotonous data that would bore the average person to death, or just confuse them. Seeing is believing, as they say, even if I don’t know who they are.


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