NY Times: Women in Combat

Despite a 1994 Department of Defense ban (recently lifted in 2013) on military women serving in combat roles, apparently women have been doing just that in the wars that dominated the past decade.

As this New York Times Op-Doc video illustrates, military women, assigned to non-combat roles, were forced to serve in combat, even though they lacked the appropriate training.

This five-minute op-ed video, was produced by Meg McLagan and Daria Sommmers, the directors of Lioness, a documentary film about the women veterans of the Iraq War.  The video is a compilation of stories of several women who served in the Iraq War. What is notable about this video is that we never hear from the producers.  The story is told almost entirely by the subjects of the video themselves.  Having these women tell their own story was effective and poignant.  It is one thing to read about the horrors of being in war without training and another to hear these women describe being placed in extremely dangerous situation.

The producers used a black screen with writing to move between segments and inform the audience.  All of this served to keep the viewer focused on the stories being told without any distracting narration.



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