NY Times: 36 Hours in Left Bank, Paris

NY Times producer, Fritzie Andrade takes us through a bustling, artistic section of Paris, call the Left Bank.

“The art of life do exist here,” says one of the first people interviewed in the piece.

The piece itself acts like a little, virtual tour through a neighborhood in Paris without the tourists, and our guides are not insufferable know-it-alls. After all, those are the only kind of people who become tour guides.

Unique, artsy umbrellas and macaroons are as French as it gets without have to eat frog legs or surrender to a foreign country. I love the shots inside the candle store, specially the Napoleon. The shots are so vivid and make you feel like you can smell the wax if you sniff hard enough.

I also like that they found some individuals who are so authentically French, and then have some other guys, who speak English without an accent at all, which gives you the sense that a lot more than just native Parisians have shops there.

French food is great, even if it is a bit heavy. The restaurants portion really portrays the care that seems to go into French cooking as a work of art rather than just sustenance.

I loved the kicker: “This is Paris, because in Paris, night and day, you can live different experiences. Different lives. Different things.”

On the whole, it is easy to see how the exclusion of the reporter’s voice adds to the authenticity of the scene being presented in the piece. Everyone who is talking is a member of the community.


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