Newsday: ‘Reclaiming the Forge River’

After years of pollution and being declared as a ‘dead zone,’ the Forge River in the Town of Brookhaven has finally began to get back on track in the sense of healthy environmental standards.

Newsday’s short but sweet video shows how conservationist and family’s are glad to have their once toxic river back to normal. The two and a half minute video is simple and shows family fun as well as how things have returned to there original state.

The interviews are lined up nicely, and show scenery in the background as the person is speaking. The b-roll was shot creatively, using high and low angles to showcase the river and the nature around it. I believe the short video tells the story in a quick timely fashion and works well for a local story. I also liked the idea of how the use of ‘generations’ was a key element as to why we need to keep the Forge River clean.


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