BuzzFeed Blue Brings Nap Hacks To Your Life

Help articles are nothing new but BuzzFeed keeps the old fad looking trendy.

BuzzFeed Blue brings science facts, how-to’s and do-it-yourself videos to its growing audience. These quirky and entertaining, bitesize videos are made by the trend-seeking, web-media giant to spark conversation among it’s audience to comment and discuss.

Take a look at one of it’s most recent videos, “Nap Hacks You Need In Your Life:”

In an extremely visual way, BuzzFeed Blue highlights something that everyone feels. Fatigue. But the two-minute video, wakes me up with catchy, but not distracting, music and witty visual content. The video does not have any voice over audio. All of the information is presented with legible and concise, video-edited text.


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