Street Art and a Better Place

This video story is advertised by its creator, Freddy Angell as a short documentary. Indeed it is roughly five minutes of videos and narration that portray the city of Sheffield and its various graffiti street art exhibits. The central narrative is a vocal re-enactment of an interview with Rocket01, a tagger from Sheffield.

What really works for this story is how many shots there are of graffiti in the city. All of the shots are taken from unique angles or feature some strange camera movement that keeps it interesting. The video might be a little dizzying at times but appreciating all the artwork is as simple as getting clever with the pause and play button.

Also a plus is the amount of voices that Angell included in the story. He got a lot of different people to endorse street art. they did this while standing in front of different examples of artwork. I thought that was a good idea because it shows support for the diversity in artwork.

Angell’s subject, Rocket01 does not neglect the other side of this story. There is an unlawful and unethical side to street tagging that is disrespectful and undesirable. That fact is well communicated in the videos second half.


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