Seattle Times Video Piece Provides Good Example of Video Storytelling

This piece by the Seattle Times provides a good example of the video alongside the print story that we’ll be doing for our final project. “The Mobile Home Trap” tells the story of a middle aged couple in Ephrata, WA who were promised a low cost home at a low-interest loan rate. But, when they went to sign the last of the paperwork, they found that the interest rate had jumped from seven percent to 12.5 percent.

This story talks about the larger issue of the Clayton Holmes company promising low-cost homes to low-income families, but inflating the interest rates after the fact in order to boost profits. The video relies heavily on the interview with the couple, but includes B-roll of the unfinished foundation of the couple’s home and their current trailer to convey the story. Because it is the story of one family, the video doesn’t require any background narration, just the couple going through the timeline of their misfortune. Any extra information comes from written statistics on the screen, rather than another voice explaining the facts. The print story expands on the story of the couple, making the duo an effective method of storytelling which can be modeled for this upcoming final project.


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