Inside the Mind of a Tattoo Artist

His name is Kenneth Zabielski, but for the past ten years he’s gone by Johnny Truant, paying homage to the character in his favorite book, House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski. Kenneth, Johnny, or Tron – what they call him at Flaming Lotus Tattoo Studio where he has worked for a little under a decade – is 34 years-old and has been tattooing for approximately 13 of them. He specializes in realistic flowers, jewels, and animals – “stuff that’s very feminine in nature.” He said that girls were the initial catalyst to his pursuit of art. He likes to drink Stella and Fireball Whiskey.

This is the story about the power of accepting permanence and the power of creating it.

Inside the Mind of a Tattoo Artist from Megan Miller on Vimeo.


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