Got climate change? SUNation’s Mike Bailis thinks solar energy is one part of the solution

Mike-Bailis-Long Island Business News May 2014
Mike Bailis, vice president of SUNation Solar Systems, at a May 2014 solar energy installation on Long Island. PHOTO CREDIT: Long Island Business News

According to Dr. Louis Barbier, an associate chief scientist at NASA, the Sun emits enough power to melt a bridge of ice two miles wide and one mile thick, extending the entire way from Earth to the Sun, in just one second. Increasingly, humans are putting all that power to good use: The solar energy industry is now booming—especially in the U.S., primarily due to its continually decreasing cost and increasing return on investment. However, according to Mike Bailis, vice president and executive solar designer at SUNation Solar Systems, though solar energy’s biggest appeal may be economic, it turns out Americans are also going solar largely to benefit the environment.

Featured song: Rise to the Sun” by Alabama Shakes

Audio photo credit: Erica Cirino


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