Storyline: A good-looking app with potential

IMG_1949Storyline is a an app by Arcivr that allows users to create photo slideshows with recorded voiceovers.

My first impression of the app is that it looks very simplistic. I can say from experience that it is simple to use as well.

To create a storyline, users have to choose photos. An advantage of this is that there a number of sources to choose from: camera roll, Arcivr, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox or Twitter. More that one source can be used for the same project, so the app is not limiting in that sense.IMG_1950

Then users title their work, add their name and can begin recording. In order to record over the next photo, the user simply has to swipe to the left.

After creating a storyline of my own, I found the app easy to understand and follow.

My project is saved not only on Storyline, where I can share it via text, email or social media. I was also able to download it to my phone’s library, which it not super necessary because from there it can be shared in all the same ways. It is a plus only because the app does not have to opened to access storylines.

The final project does not compromised the quality of the original photos.

Here is the storyline I created:

In terms of whether this app would be useful to journalists, I do think it would be a useful tool if an outlet has an audience that responds well to audio slideshows. It would be valuable as a quick way to get an slideshow up, but an outlet would really have to trust a reporter to do it well and within the 20-photo limit. I do wonder whether an outlet would actually use the app though, if they have means that are of a higher quality. I think it is more of a tool for journalists as individuals to use on their own time.

IMG_2091There is really nothing more to Storyline, which can go either way in terms of appeal to potential users. Some, like me, may like that it is simple and straightforward in its purpose. That said, I could understand if others may feel the app is lacking, whether it be effects or filters to add to photos, or sound effects for the recording.

If anything, I see it finding a niche in a photography-geared storytelling community, but I do not see it displacing apps such as Snapchat or Twitter in terms of immediately sharing photos with followers among the masses. Taking the time to select photos record audio might be too daunting for smartphone users in this fast-paced world; however it does have the benefit of sharing more than one photo at once, which to me is one of its strongest selling points.

Unfortunately, the app does not have an embed code that works for WordPress.


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