Storyline: Easy to Use and Fun to Have

With the rising popularity of podcasting and audio slideshows, apps are starting to accommodate this trend. “Storyline” is one of the many apps that allows users to put together an audio slideshow straight from the users own mobile photos.

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 3.03.12 PM

I downloaded the app myself from the App Store onto my iPhone to get some first-hand experience.

First thing I notice is that wit was very clean and simple. Step-by-step directions made it easy. When you go to select pictures, you have options. Not only can you select photos from your camera roll, but you can connect social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Arcivr and Dropbox to grab photos from there. I thought that was a great way to tie in social media.FullSizeRender(3)

The app allows you to choose up to 20 photos and gives you the ability to select a specific order you want to tell your story in. The next step was to create a title and add your name. “Storyline” really tries to make your story personalized and have a meaning. I liked that.

Here’s the tricky part, recording yourself. The good thing is when you start recording, you have the ability to look at the pictures and swipe yourself when you are ready to discuss the next photo. The bad part is once you start recording, you can’t stop. I found this to be annoying in the sense that I would have to know what I’m going to say for all the photos in my story so I don’t waste time thinking.

If you make it past this stage, then congratulations your story is complete! Here you get to watch what you’ve created and have the option to share it. You can also download the story or re-record the voice over.

FullSizeRenderMy suggestion for the creators of the app is to allow the user to pause the recording mid-story to gather thoughts what to say. Also, I felt that adding music should be an option. I feel it would make the audio slideshow flow better and add more depth to what you’re discussing.
Overall, I thought the app “Storyline” is great for users looking to tell a quick story. In the world of journalism, It is definitely useful for mobile reporting. It gives the journalist the ability to combine everything they have shot, and tell the story orally and visually.


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