Apple CEO Tim Cook Set to Speak About the Anticipated Apple Watch Series

There is much anticipation surrounding the new Apple Watch series – rumored to be launched in April though no certain date has been set – after Tim Cook, Apple CEO spoke at the leading Apple store in Berlin last week. Cook is scheduled to speak this Monday in Cupertino, CA about the series and demonstrate the exciting features consumers have been eagerly waiting to try.

The Apple Watch series will come in three models: the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport, and the Apple Watch Edition. Each will be equipped with different technological capabilities applicable to the specific model. Different sizes, colors, straps, and glass-coating are also available.   

1. The Guardian 

The Guardian uniquely approached this breaking story by polling reader responses to a 13 question survey, some of the questions being: “What will Apple quote as the battery life for the watch?” to which 56 percent of readers responded with “‘A day’ – really, the minimum viable time.” Another asked, “So how much will the 18-karat, solid gold ‘Apple Watch Edition’ be?” to which 40 percent of readers responded “$5000 – it can’t even get the gold for much less than that, after all.”

Such an approach to this topic is a fresh, fun, and engaging way to encourage quick viewership and reader participation, though it isn’t the most informational given it’s entirely founded on opinion. Though neither the Guardian nor the writer of the article Alex Hern published the piece on Twitter, Hern still provided his and the Guardian’s Twitter handle next to his byline, giving readers an easy opportunity to follow him and his work.

2. The TechCrunch Blog  

Matthew Panzarino, the co-editor at TechCrunch, wrote less about his predictions for the new series and more about why Apple decided to hire the CEO of Burberry, Angela Ahrendts, to become the SVP and what her new position could mean for the way Apple chooses to market their products.

“Apple is in the process of creating and selling a new class of product that is based on feeling. And it needed a retail chief who understands that it’s going to be different to sell that than something that sits on your desk,”  Panzarino wrote.

Though it was an interesting analysis piece, it was about as informational as the Guardian’s coverage – most of the article was Panzarino sharing his thoughts on the subject, rather than offering new information to the reader. Panzarino did share the piece on Twitter however, which did garner several comments, likes, and retweets. He also provided his Twitter handle next to his byline, again making him easily accessible to the public.

3. CNN Money

There was no byline on this article so it was presumably a collaborative effort among the CNN Money staff, but this was by far the most successful piece especially for online. They not only made it accessible through Twitter, but they also organized the information into an easily scannable read. It begins with a short clip of Tim Cook discussing the Apple Watch series at a past event and then segues into a listicle about what the public already knows about the item, followed by another short listicle about what the public doesn’t. Through this, CNN Money educates their readers with short explanations followed by vibrant images. The Apple Watch Sport screen is made of Ion X glass where as the Apple Watch Edition is made of Sapphire Crystal. The Apple Watch Sport will be equipped with Wifi, a heart rate sensor, and accelerometer “to measure body movements” but will be without a GPS as included in the other two models. The public is still unsure of the series release date, as well as the price for each watch.

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