Different News Outlets Cover the One Year Anniversary of MH370

The Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing on March 8, 2014. The Boeing 777 was on it’s way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing when it reportingly disappeared an hour after take off with 239 individuals aboard.

With the one year anniversary here, media coverage via newspapers, broadcast television and blogs cover the story in a variety of ways.

Here is a look at some publications that covered the one year anniversary of MH370:

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 11.33.00 PMNewspaper: The Wall Street Journal published “MH370 Report Finds Nothing Unusual About Crew, Aircraft,” discussing the 584 page report that was released. The headline is direct and to the point, leading the reader know what they’re in for. The WSJ explained how there was no new ground-breaking information released from this report. The article gives context on specific details of how flight 370 went missing, including the number of passengers and an updated ticker that counts the number of days, hours and minutes that have gone by since the planes disappearance. The WSJ also incorporated pictures of the report that documents the conversation with Kuala Lumpur air traffic control center and MAS operation center. This gives there readers more of a connection to the story.

Broadcast: Fox News article, “WHERE IS FLIGHT 370? One year after tragedy, officials no closer to finding answers,” is brief and to the point. Using caps, the headline is worded in a way to draw the reader in. Fox news credits the Associated Press for the report. The article itself uses a different approach, quoting Malaysia’s transport minister, Liow Tiong Lai, on how he is confident that the they will find the plane near the Indian Ocean. One paragraph is separated with a short quote that reads “I still call the phone,”  that is large and initialized to stress importance. However, the article lacks visuals leaving the reader to stare at a wall of words.

Blog: The Christian Science Monitor published, “Behind the mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 (+video),” on the day of the one year anniversary of flight MH370. The headline immediately informs you of a video, which is a great tactic to attract more readers. The blog is an overview of the report that was released, explaining with quotes was exactly said. The Christian Science Monitor also incorporates new information with a quote from Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott about how he is confident in finding the planes whereabouts. Watch the video HERE.

Overall, I believe The Wall Street Journal provided the most information in a dynamic and creative way. From the headline, photos and actually information given, it is clear from start to finish. The WSJ even tweeted the article to attract more attention to the piece.


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