Paul Colangelo: Not Just a Fish Photographer

During my frantic scramble to find a good example of photojournalism on the internet, I stumbled across a photo essay by Paul Colangelo, which I wrote about in my previous blog post. I noticed that Colangelo did an excellent job taking advantage of social media, like twitter and instagram, to spread the word about his stories and share his best photos.

MAC46_PHOTO_ESSAY_SALMON_POST03-660x370[1]Colangelo describes himself as a documentary photographer focused on environmental issues and wildlife. He is a National Geographic grantee and has had his work published in a bunch of wildlife/outdoorsy publications. The first thing I noticed about Colangelo was his ability to get unique shots that provide the viewer with angles and perspectives they wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. His photo essay on the salmon run had underwater shots of salmon and close-up shots of salmon in nets.

Colangelo also has some pretty awesome underwater shots in Beluga, a photo essay about Beluga whales. But similar to the salmon he focuses on in The Great Migration, the beluga whales face many struggles, mostly due to humans. After seeing photos of these animals looking so friendly and alive it’s especially hard to look at photos of them dying, especially in the photos of the beluga whales, where the water becomes filled with their blood.beluga bloodColangelo’s photos depict more than just animals. He has some incredible landscape photos with vibrant colors and contrast that really put the reader in the middle of the environment he’s photographing.riverBut he also features macro shots, bringing the viewer as close as possible to the actions to pick up details they might otherwise have missed.macroColangelo is active on social media, facebook and twitter. He uses instagram to share his coolest shots with a wider forum of people. On twitter Colangelo makes commentary on the shots, something that is missing from the photo gallery on his website. This gives me photos more context and makes them easier to understand.


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