Zoriah: A Haunting Display of Photojournalism

War: What is it good for? In this day and age, it appears one of the only answers is photojournalism.

Photo by Zoriah
Photo by Zoriah

Zoriah Miller, otherwise known as Zoriah, is a freelancing war photographer who has won many awards, including photojournalist of the year, for capturing the conflict in Gaza, as well as the famine in Africa and the War in Iraq.

Located on his website are dozens of categorized photographs shot around the world, all of which forever encapsulate the thoughts, feelings and ideas of an area or region during a time of war and devastation. Each of these pictures, whether they are of American soldiers at the war front in the Middle East, or the barren world left behind by the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine, share one commonality between them: They are haunting, intriguing and beautiful.

Photo by Zoriah
Photo by Zoriah

Upon reading into Zoriah’s history and his work, I learned that he was criticized in 2008 for shooting and posting photographs to his website of the bodies of marines who were killed by a suicide bomber in Iraq. This controversy aided in the discussion of journalists being prevented from telling the true story of war, including the casualties that are involved. Photographing images like the ones Zoriah does is not easy, but he makes it look effortless.

Photo by Zoriah
Photo by Zoriah

This phenomenal photojournalist reaches out to his viewers through his blog, though he also sends tweets including a link to his blog posts when they are posted. When I initially looked at his photographs, I expected him to have thousands of followers because his work is so powerful and thought-provoking. Zoriah, however, has less than 2,000 followers on the social media account. This might be explained by the fact that his tweets are not very consistent in when they are posted. His blog mainly consists of updates regarding photos he has shot or full-length pieces he has completed. It also includes an extensive update of a 2014 movie for which he shot still photography.

Photo by Zoriah
Photo by Zoriah

Though he does not have an Instagram account, and his Twitter account is rarely used, I think Zoriah’s photography and his talent speak for themselves. It would be nice to see him receive more attention through social media platforms, and gain more viewers and fans in this way, but it seems as though he is doing just fine without it.


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