Afghanistan through Andrew Quilty’s Lens

Andrew Quilty is an Australian photojournalist I started following on Instagram and Twitter. He uses both platforms to share his exemplary photos of Afghanistan, where he is currently based.

Quilty has shot for works such as Time Magazine, The New York Times and Fairfax Media.

“Pretty much without fail the places that you’re told you shouldn’t go that you’re gonna die, that people are horrible, you’re usually hearing that from people who haven’t actually been there themselves and their passing on bad second-hand information,” Quilty said in a profile by The Newspaper Works. “More often than not, you go there, you go to that place and find the people are lovely and welcoming. Any preconceived notions you have are pretty quickly shattered and it’s great to discover that.”

Quilty’s work includes personal, emotion-filled shots of people he encounters in the places he travels in Afghanistan and beyond.

Here is a sampling of some of his work:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Besides the shots being beautifully composed, I think that is what attracts people to his photography the most, the people, so sharing as much as possible only helps. It appears that he Tweet every photo he uploads to Instagram.

He has more than 38,300 Instagram followers, but 1,121 on Twitter, which to me, shows that his photos are what people see value in. After all, the majority of his tweets link to photos he posts on his Instagram.

I do not doubt that some people seek him out after seeing his work after it is published, but sharing his work on more than one platform must contribute to his large following at the source of his photo-sharing.

In addition his pieces show spontaneity, as he sometimes finds his subjects by chance and changed plans.


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