Neelman Captures The Wackiest Of Races

The @cupidsundierun in Austin is weird. #weirdsports 3 #imwithcupid #cupidfit

A photo posted by Sol Neelman (@solneelman) on Feb 7, 2015 at 3:30pm PST

Now that I have your attention — Sol Neelman, a camera-handy connoisseur of the wacky, weird world of sports” whose work is featured above, sure has the ability to lure his audience’s eye.

This snap-happy photojournalist, and former wanna-be pro wrestler, seeks out and captures action shots of unusual sports, and in this case exotically-dressed race participants. The races — competed on foot, hoof, talon, tire, skate and garbage can lid, among others — are rather unusual to say the least. For instance, the image above feature competitors, debuting a lack of clothing and a fabulous display of angel wings and glitter, is for the “Cupid Undie Run” in Austin, Texas.

What makes Neelman’s photos unique?

The subject matter, which in this case is weird races, is certainly one-of-a-kind. Neelman takes the obscure — ostrich-riding races, military boot camp Dirty Dash, Red Bull’s Miami Flugtag and a Santa Speedo Run — and makes them laudable but genuine.

Many of the shots, although basic in its composition, often produce colorful snipits and energetic faces. Neelman shoots mostly with his subject in center frame, which is a technique that is not considered very exciting or well-placed but Neelman owns it. Utilizing depth of field and the environment makes each of Neelman’s profile-action shots are, if anything, well timed.

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Social Media Use

Neelman is an avid social media user especially Instagram. As far as Twitter goes, he constantly retweets, and therefore endorses, other journalists. Other journalists and publications retweet him as well.


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