Greg Kahn Uses Social Media to Promote His Captivating Work

One of the photojournalists that I found while perusing Twitter really impressed me with not only his skill in photography, but how his work is presented. Greg Kahn is a photojournalist who captures human interest stories and uses Instagram and Twitter to publicize his work and promote his special projects, like his 3 Millimeters project, which captures how the rising sea levels are impacting a small coastal community in Maryland.

Alongside 3 Millimeters, Kahn has a vast portfolio of well-captured stories, which I think makes him a follow-worthy photojournalist.  Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 11.19.55 PM

The clarity and emotion in Kahn’s photos make them difficult to scroll past. He works primarily on human interest stories and uses portraits and detail shots to portray a story. He was a Pulitzer Prize finalist for a gallery that he completed on the foreclosure crisis in Florida, where middle class families found themselves homeless. He followed several families as they moved out of their homes and dealt with the stress the physical and financial adjustment.

His portraits of everyday people in everyday triumphs and struggles have been published in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and the Washington Post magazine, among others. Kahn uses strategic composition and light to his advantage, as any skilled photojournalist would. For example, in a series of photographs entitled “Modern Day Slave,” Kahn uses the shadow of window blinds to create bars of light across his subject’s face, portraying a prisoner. He deliberately chose to keep her looking away from the camera and in the darkness to convey the true message of the story.

All of his galleries have these deliberate and brilliant decisions that make searching through his archives a treat.

And the only way I know about his work is because he has social media savvy.

Kahn does the obvious self-promotion that one would expect out of a modern photojournalist: he tweets and shares his own work.IMG_2190

Because a lot of his work is with major publications, he adds various Twitter handles into his posts to get more views and allow more people to engage with his work by retweeting and favoriting.

And his Twitter and Instagram will certainly attest to his ability to engage with the Twitter community. Just as numerous as his tweets promoting his work are, his wall is also full of retweets, by him and for him.

He also uses Twitter to promote his work on a larger scale. He created a Twitter account for his ongoing 3 Millimeter Project and uses a hashtag by the same name whenever he can, which goes much farther than simply posting a Tweet about the latest update.

One of my favorite things about looking at how Kahn promotes his photojournalism on Twitter is seeing his modesty. Even though is an acclaimed photojournalist, there is nothing showy about how he promotes his work. He doesn’t throw every photograph up on the wall and he shares the work of his colleagues.

If you have extra time, I definitely recommend taking a look at his work. His personal site won’t let you download photos, so I was unable to post them onto this blog. But trust me, they’re worth taking a look at. His latest gallery is about the current culture of Cuba and is an excellent representation of the quality of his work. Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 11.28.06 PM


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