A Night of Slam Poetry with Toscanini College

Photo Feb 18, 7 13 07 PM
Lekstutis performing in front of an audience of around 70

As it turns out you don’t have to be Shakespeare or an English major to express yourself in pros or poetry. At Stony Brook anyone and everyone is welcome to perform in Toscanini College’s event: Slam Poetry.

Toscanini resident advisors planned and hosted its fifth Slam Poetry event Tonight at 7PM in the Tabler center Blackbox theater.  Students and alumni performed original or favorite pieces of poetry in front of around 70 of their peers; in fact some of those students were performing live for the first time.

“It’s a way to get people to be more expressive,” said RA and performer William Hackett. The 20-year-old Biomedical engineering and applied mathematics double major performed a moving original piece about battling depression.

If you’re thinking that the nights 12 performers stood up and read ‘roses are red violets are blue’ you’d be quite mistaken. With both voice and body language in mind, the reciters performed a variety of unique works that almost never rhymed.

James Lekstutis, a junior and a political science major, performed an original piece called ‘Multiverse theory.’ After his live performance he was kind enough to perform a short part of it outside the theater.

“I’m into using science philosophy when I go into poetry, I like to take apart different ideas and the multiverse speaks to the metaphor of wanting something that isn’t real” said Lekstutis.

Photo Feb 18, 7 31 21 PM
Jason Vargas, aka el Bandito Rojo

Jason Vargas also wrote original pieces, but rather than being inspired by science or philosophy he draws inspiration from nostalgia. His two longest performances consisted of a fluid mash up of 90’s video game and cartoon references.

The 20 year old Sociology major performed dressed as the Red Bandito, a character he came up with before the show. “So many poems are depressing” said Vargas. “I like to throw one in with a happy twist.”


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