Mobile Journalism and Breaking News

With news breaking at any moment, it is essential for journalist to use microblogging and mobile reporting as a tool to spread information fast and efficiently.

Microblogging is using short and frequent posts to spread information in a quick way. Websites like Twitter and Instagram make this technique possible. With smartphones being so advanced, journalist have the ability to publish quality media while posting to social media.

Moni Basu, a reporter for CNN, shows examples of how journalists should use their microblogging and mobile journalism skills to spread information quickly and accurately. During the outbreaking of Ferguson riots in Missouri, Basu used social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram to share her experience with the world.

Basu live-tweeted what she was seeing and included the hashtag #Ferguson while posting. This would ensure her statuses and pictures would categorize in Twitter’s search feed for anyone searching that keyword.

Another way Basu categorized and organized her information was using geo-tagging on her Instagram while posting in Ferguson. This would put her information in a location based group for others to see. Hashtagging and geotagging your social media will help spread your information faster and make it easier to find.

It is key to keep journalism accuracy while reporting and Basu does just that by naming her her sources while posting to social media.


Basu didn’t just post random content, she looked for the moments that mattered. Her picture’s and video’s indicate individual’s chanting and expressing their raw emotions during this difficult time.


Protests now in #Ferguson.

A video posted by Moni Basu (@mbasucnn) on Nov 24, 2014 at 5:16pm PST

When news breaks, mobile reporting and microblogging give journalists the power to capture the moment and tell the story in real-time.


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