Mobile Reporting at #Vail2015 World Championships

Giulio Gasparin, a self-described multidimensional journalist, proved he is just that while covering the 2015 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Vail, Colo. over the past week for EuroRadio.

How did Gasparin do it? He used multiple mobile tools to tell the story of the competition.

Gasparin used Twitter to get every piece of the overall story out. If he used any other platform, he was sure to share it all via a tweet. His tweets were a mix of reporting and his personal experience at the competition.

Here’s a sampling of Gasparin’s Twitter feed:

He also used Instagram, where he posted anything from updates on the snow to inform his followers on the day’s conditions, photos of skiers after they made it down the hill and crowd shots to set the scene.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Gasparin also used Vine to set the scene, along with giving previews of his full interviews and quick updates on the conditions, which are crucial to alpine skiing competitions. I was a little skeptical on how journalists could use Vine, which users post videos at a maximum of six seconds, but I think Gasparin found a logical purpose for it in his updates.

One thing I thought was unique about Gasparin’s reporting was his use of Soundcloud through Euro Radio’s account. I had never seen a reporter use it before, but it makes sense since he was working for an audio-based outlet. He used the site to post audio of post-race interviews with teams and major athletes such as Julia Mancuso:

No matter what platform Gasparin used, he was sure to use the main hashtag used throughout the event, #Vail2015. Hashtags are important in mobile coverage such as the skiing competition because it throws the reporter’s posts into the mix with those that people interested in the event are sifting through.

Key points from each day of the competition were compiled on Storify, which is a great way to weed out the most important pieces from different platforms and organize them under a singular post. Gasparin incorporated all of his platforms into one, more polished summary of the competition.

Overall, Gasparin skillfully used social media in his reporting and introduced me to a new tool to use in Soundcloud.


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