Entertainment News Live-Tweeting by Anthony Mason

CBS Sunday Morning Correspondent, Anthony Mason, tweets regularly about world news, entertainment figures and music. Though he is a well-respected news anchor, with an impressive resume, his tweets are down to earth, humorous and engaging. Tonight, February 15, Mason live-tweeted the SNL40 show. He did a good job using hashtags to communicate with other Twitter users, along with using real quotes and pictures. He wasn’t physically there—which was the only downside because he wasn’t able to record any live videos or sound bites—but he did include a few funny pictures.

I think mobile journalism is hard for events that aren’t as light hearted, exciting or entertaining. I would feel weird live tweeting or instagramming something serious, like a terrorist attack or car crash—I feel those deserve a steadier platform where the facts can get more attention before being published for everyone to read and comment on.

But for something like SNL40, the 40th reunion of Saturday Night Live, live tweeting is a perfect platform.

Mason also live tweeted the Grammy awards show last week on February 8. He was actually there this time so he took a lot more pictures but still no videos—he doesn’t have instagram so maybe he’s unsure of how to use or just doesn’t want to, but I think that would add a lot for him.

What also makes Mason’s mobile journalism and live tweeting good, especially his live tweeting of the Grammy’s, is that he had previously interviewed many of the musicians on CBS Sunday Morning. He interviewed Sam Smith, the Grammy award winner in October, and Ed Sheeran in January. Along with his tweets, Mason was able to link to his previously recorded and aired interviews with the artists.


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