Stony Brook University’s Commuters Fighting the Cold

Temperatures dipped way bellow freezing and for a commuter student at Stony Brook University that means additional stress, tardiness to class and fight against the bitter cold.

“The tactics I use to combat the cold is that I wait until I can’t feel anything and then I’m fine,” said Jordan Lastra, senior biology major.

Although the cold weather has brought nothing but problems for commuters, some of them kept the positive attitude. Students are taking preventative actions against having to deal with extreme cold-weather conditions. To protect themselves they warm up drinking hot coffee drinks in the commuter lounge. Additionally, they layer up to maintain the safe and warm body temperature.


Amir Rashed, senior in political science and biology, is not dealing well with the cold. Every morning he parks at least 30 minutes away from the campus, at the South P-Lot, and then he waits in the bus line for additional 15 minutes in the freezing cold. Rashed is late to class every day and is falling behind with his assignments.

Nishtha Vora, political science major, has similar problems. She also parks at the same parking lot as Rashed and is late to class almost every day. “Bus is not there half the time and it is so hard to get to school,” said Vora.

In the winter months almost everyone is vulnerable to the cold, however, some students experience it in a completely different way. Julie Scarr, English major, loves the cold and she enjoys her cup of coffee outside with a friend.

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