Social Media Influences Winter Fashion for Stony Brook Students

Along with the frigid winter weather comes complications: windshields freeze, the flu runs rampant, and for students at Stony Brook University, the choice between staying warm or staying fashionable. To make this decision easier, students are using various social media outlets to provide some guidance.

“Occasionally on Instagram there’s fashion pages that you can scroll across something that looks really pretty,” said Sahrash Sheikh, a junior majoring in neurobiology, who enjoys wearing long boots, oversized cardigans, and scarves in the frosty weather.

According to the New York Times, major fashion designers are now taking into consideration not only the way a piece of clothing may look on the runway, but how the appearance of that piece will translate to a photograph.

For Kristin Firestine, a junior double majoring in history and art history, scarves are one of her favorite fashion staples to combat the cold. She said that she mainly consults Pinterest for winter outfit ideas.

“That’s probably the main source of inspiration,” Firestine said.

As of today, February 11, 2015, the “Fashion” tag on Pinterest has 10 million followers.

Along with scanning websites and smartphone applications for winter fashion insight, Karim Arab, a graduate student studying public policy, takes a more traditional route when looking for warm, trendy clothing.

“The Hugo Boss magazine sometimes they have really good stuff,” said Arab, who also reads GQ magazine for ideas.


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