Snuggling and Layering Helps Stony Brook Students Stay Warm

This winter season, the snow has been piling up on Long Island, with no end in sight. Coupled with frigid temperatures and icy sidewalks, Stony Brook University students are staying indoors. At the Charles B. Wang center on campus, many students are hiding out from the cold. With bathrooms, tables, coffee, and food located right inside, there’s no need for students to ever leave—or at least not until it’s time for an important class.

Michelle Park, a post-baccalaureate student at Stony Brook University, and Sarah Chung, a English Intensive Course (EIC) student, sat together at a table in the Wang Center, far away from the below-freezing temperatures. “I wear a lot of layers of clothes,” Michelle said about how she stays warm. “I try to wear socks, warm socks. And maybe like scarves, hats, and mittens.” Sarah agreed; She, too, said she likes to layer up and stay inside.

Michelle Park (left) and Sarah Chung (right)

At another table in the Wang Center sat Sarah Aboura and Mark Mark Faerchek, both juniors at Stony Brook University. “I like to stay in because it’s been really bad. And a lot of the snow hasn’t really been removed yet and it’s frozen over,” said Sarah A. “Especially with the shoes I’m wearing right now, it’s really slippery and I’ve fallen down a couple of times. I try to avoid walking a lot. In regards to whether or not the cold weather makes them more productive or not, Sarah A. and Mark disagreed with each other. “I feel like I get lazier. When the weather’s nice I get more energetic but when it’s rainy or snowing, I prefer staying inside and doing nothing,” Sarah A. said. Mark felt otherwise. “I love the mornings during the winter,” he said. “The smell of the snow, and the sunrises, it’s so beautiful. I have more incentive to wake up early.”

Mark Faerchek (left) and Sarah Aboura (right)

Mark also added that he enjoys snuggling in his room in the West Apartments on campus, which, he said, is always sets to 72 degrees Fahrenheit because of his extra heater. When asked with whom he snuggles, both Mark and Sarah A. laughed. “My teddy bear,” Mark said. “If she would snuggle with me then maybe.”


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