Nuclear Technology Film and Speaker Series

I found several flyers around campus advertising a film and speaker series called Dispelling the Myths. Two of the events are out of our date range by a lot. But the Feb 20th event qualifies as a last resort nuclear option (so to speak).

The event time is 2-5 PM and is located un Lecture Hall 1 of the Wang center.

Speakers include David Diamond, chief scientists in the Nuclear Science and Technology Department – Brookhaven National Laboratory and Gerry Strokes from the Department of Technology and Society, Stony Brook University. They will both be leading a Q&A after the screening of the film China Syndrome (1979), a thriller film that is likely hanging somewhere on the fringes of your parent’s memory. The film itself is a pretty interesting portrayal of nuclear plant operations, dramatic environmental concerns and journalistic duty when faced with matters of protecting sources versus the common good.

I have sent a message to Kathy Araujo about the event. I have yet to get a response. Her email on the flyer is if you’d like to try it. I notified her of the potential for journalists being present at the event and asked how many people are expected to be there.

I also asked her if the speakers will be available for follow up discussions after the Q&A. If you’re interested in Nuclear Energy safety this is might be a good opportunity to speak to a scientist or two that are considerably important in the field.

If there are any additional questions you’d like to ask go ahead and email Kathy. My guess is that this event probably won’t be as big or widely populated as something like the Nerd Fest (The event I plan to attend). However I have no real basis for that and could be very wrong. I’ll update this post with the requested information as soon as it comes in.


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