Is a Text or a Tweet Worth Frostbite?

Today, most everyone has a smartphone capable of texting, tweeting and sharing every little thought that pops into their heads. However, Feb. brings with it the dog days of winter, when dirty snow is piled high, cold winds bear down and a big decision must be made time and time again, every time you are outside: to text or not to text.

A pair of gloves, alone and forlorn.

“I just wait till I get inside,” said Mia Williams, a sophomore economics major at Stony Brook University, “because I am not talking off my gloves!”

It is hard to blame her. Just walking around the campus today, attempting to send out tweets and take photos with no gloves on, got painful quickly as the sun started to go down on another cold, dreary day at Stony Brook.

Williams was not the only one. Nikhita Bindra, a junior psychology major feels the same way, and when I asked her about using gloves that transfer heat so you can use your phone while wearing them, she scoffed and called them a poor investment, citing an inability to actually keep hands warm.

However, some people on campus are winter warriors, engaging in texts and tweets of the most trivial kind, all while laughing in the face of Jack Frost and nursing nearly frostbit hands.

“I can’t usually wait to respond,” Lauren Sprung, a sophomore mechanical engineering major said with a laugh, “I’m willing to sacrifice.”

Kids these days, huh? They will sacrifice and endure frigid temperatures to send a tweet or a text, but ask one to give up Netflix for a week and I bet they paint their face like Braveheart and shout for freedom. I suppose it depends on your priorities. Me? I make them wait. There are very few things of any great importance that someone might tell me via text so if it is an emergency, I expect a phone call. Otherwise, no text is worth frostbite.


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