How Stony Brook Health Science Students Battle The Cold

Everyday, hundreds of upperclassmen students at Stony Brook University make the frigid walk from their parked cars and dorm rooms on the West Campus over to the Stony Brook Hospital. Even though most or all of their health classes are located in the hospital, there are few ways for a bus or a car to get them there, leaving a cold walk in the underpass the runs underneath Nicholls Road.

While many students were bustling off to class, a few stopped and talked to me about how they stay warm on their long walks. Sebastian Yin, a senior health science major parked his car over at the Long Island Railroad station on the far side of West Campus. “I never wait for the buses because it takes longer. I would rather walk.” As a student in his last semester, he doesn’t let the long walk, which is about one mile, bother him. Yolinda Huang, a junior clinical lab major, lives on campus and bundles up to take care of herself during the long walk. But she feels bad for her commuter classmates who often arrive late because of the icy road conditions.Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 6.07.26 PMThe cold was starting to bite at my fingertips, so I stepped inside the hospital where I ran into Brandon Kaan, who was waiting for class to start. He shared that he stays warm by layering clothes, wearing appropriate shoes and investing in a nice, heavy jacket. Other than being prepared and having a positive attitude, there isn’t much that we can do about the chilly start to the Spring semester. I guess we just have to sit tight and wait for the thaw.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 5.57.49 PM


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