Finding the Hottest Spots on Campus in the Winter Cold

IMG_0551Inside of the Javits Center at Stony Brook University, students bundle up in their hats and jackets. A lone pair of gloves is strewn across the floor, which means somebody out there is walking around gloveless, their fingers probably frozen solid.

According to Nikhita Bindra, a psychology student at Stony Brook, Javits is the coldest building on campus. “I have to wear lots of clothes to keep warm,” said Bindra.

Students at Stony Brook complain that many buildings on campus have been maintaining below freezing temperatures in their classrooms. In these cold winter conditions, it’s hard to find places on campus to keep warm. Nia Williams, who studies economics, said the all of the classrooms have been really cold this semester. The worst, she says, is the humanities building.

A video posted by @sundermier on Feb 11, 2015 at 3:06pm PST

But Julianne Mosher, a dance student, insists that the Student Union is the coldest building on campus. “There’s no heat in the union,” Mosher explained. “It’s freezing in there.”

For Stony Brook students suffering from February frost bite, there are still a few places to go to defrost.IMG_0542

Mosher said that the third or fourth floor of the library is a pretty safe bet for students looking to warm up. Bindra, who was sitting on the second floor of the Staller center, said that it was the perfect temperature.

The Staller Center isn’t the perfect temperature for everyone. Some students just can’t seem to take the heat. Dan Raynor, a transfer student majoring in film and culture, said that the third floor of the Staller is actually way too hot.

“It was so hot in my last class I had to leave and go home,” said Raynor.


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