Cope with the Cold by Embracing the Cold

Make-shift snow fort on Roth quad.


Stony Brook University is the best of both worlds, equal parts commuter and live in dorm school. Coping with the cold for those who reside in the dormitories is a lot different than it is for the schools commuters. For one thing the history of what the residents do during the winter weather is literally etched into the semi-permanent snow fall spanning our campus.

“A bunch of people made an igloo in the middle of the quad,” said Edmundo Welker, a CSE major from Cardoza College.  “You could fit six or seven people in it.”

Indeed ruins of such feats are still preserved in the bitter cold that has prevailed these past weeks. Around the west side of Roth quad there is a pile of snow dug into a semi-circle with foreboding metal pipes sticking out all around it. At the center of the crude but impressive fort is a taller metal pole that at one point must have been a flag pole.

Plenty of Stony Brook’s residents just stay in and bundle up according to Bryan Nguyen, a Bio-engineering major.  “I’m the kind of guy that goes out during a snow storm,” said Nguyen proudly while holding a frozen green tea Frappuccino, on his way to casually walking out in 30 degree weather.

Nguyen isn’t the only one who forsakes warmth for a fun day in the snow. According to Welker plenty of residents go out and have a good time after fresh snow falls. They slide down the steep steps leading to the dining hall and risk a one way trip across a frozen over Roth pond (is that a dangerous endeavor? Or is the pond entirely too shallow for that?). Foot prints and sled marks all over the quad remain as artifacts of these daring winter memories.

Hot cocoa soup and holding up under a blanket while binge watching a Netflix show may still rank as the top method for dealing with extreme cold, but lest it should be forgotten there are those who choose to cope with the cold by very simply embracing it.


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