A Trek to the Hospital Leaves Stony Brook Students in the Cold

Stony Brook University students have been battling Mother Nature in recent weeks while walking to and from their cars or dorms to make it to class. Whether they are walking through snow or just the bitter cold, students are using caution and careful preparation to safely travel from building to building.

A large number of students, like health science majors, must walk to the university hospital several times a week to attend class. However, in order to get to there, they must walk through the Nicolls Road underpass and a maze of sidewalks before they enter the building.

Some students have come to terms with their walk to class, since their education is key. Palvi Chadha, who is pursuing a Master’s degree in physiology, is well aware of the frigid temperatures, but says that walking to the hospital is now a part of her daily routine.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 6.26.02 PM

Students can take the bus to the Life Science bus stop, which is across the street from the underpass. Although this is possible, not every student has that option. Shawna Dolan, a senior health science major, lives in H-Quad where the bus does not stop. Instead, she bundles up and wears warm shoes and clothing to brave the cold.

With their heads down and scarves wrapped around their faces, groups of students briskly walked against the wind to enter the solace of the hospital. Six more weeks of winter lie ahead for students at Stony Brook University, which means six more weeks of frigid walks, layered clothing and red noses before the cold weather will subside.


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