A Comedy Event To Kickstart Your Valentine’s Day Weekend

Being a multimedia journalist can be hard – so why not bring the fun to work?


Who – What – Where – When:

On Friday, February 13 at 10:30 p.m., O’Reilly’s Restaurant & Pub in Oakdale will be hosting the “Paid or Pain” comedy event.

Six comedians will have eight minutes on stage to either sink or swim – if they swim, they get paid. If they sink, they’ll “get the pain dished out by a dominatrix,” according to the event invitation. This will be determined by the audience once all the performances have been completed. 

What else makes this event worthwhile? Not only is the $15 cover charge donated to a local veterans’ charity, but the show will also include a banana eating contest and prize giveaways courtesy of the adult store, Xpressions.


There will always be a lecture, or a sports game, or a concert for a journalist to report – so when given an opportunity to tell a great story, take great photos, and have fun doing it, a multimedia journalist should be ready to jump. Readers want to be entertained as well as informed.

  1. The Written Story –

Busy bar scenes are a story within themselves – there is always observation to be done.  A journalist is constantly confronted with different sounds, different smells, different people to interact with, the story essentially tells itself. What happens when a comedy event that includes sex toys and a dominatrix is thrown into the mix? A killer narrative piece. Plus, quotes will be extra funny considering they’ll be taken from comedians. What makes it newsworthy? The proceeds go to charity.

  1. The Visual Story –

Had this simply been a standard, run-of-the-mill comedy event one could argue that taking a variety of useable images could pose a challenge – however, this event (as mentioned multiple times previously) includes additional entertainment that will make it visually compelling, along with providing great sound bites. Also, being that it’s hosted at a bar gives a journalist added advantage, because beer taps, sexy cocktails, and laughing patrons also make for great photos. This article provides some suggestions on what smartphones operate best in lowlight conditions.


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