Stony Brook Men’s Basketball Faces Off with Maine

Sports are great events for mobile reporting, especially in terms of live-tweeting and getting the story filed quickly afterwards.

The Stony Brook Men’s Basketball team is playing the University of Maine on Saturday, Feb. 14 at 2 p.m. at the Island Federal Credit Union Arena.

Throughout the game, live tweets can note the score at time-outs, half-time and most importantly, the final score. This shows the reporter is thinking about the audience. People can check Twitter for the scores in real-time if they are unable to be at the arena, watch the event on television or stream it online.

Plus, the tweets will help the writer out in the end. They act as notes on the event to check back on and include in the story.

The size of the crowd can be noted too, along with key plays and points made by specific players so that fans can get the sense how the game is playing out as it happens. Which player is scoring the most points throughout the game?

A mobile reporter covering the game should come prepared with knowledge of the roster, including knowing who the major players names are and the numbers on their jerseys. It shows credibility and expertise more than simply tweeting, “Stony Brook scores!” Follow that tweet up with one that says who scored.

It would also help to know where each team stands in the conference and what winning or losing will mean for Stony Brook. Check the stats.

As for mobile photos, it would great to capture game action, such as a player trying to score, a wide shot of the arena as a whole, faces in the crowd, including the student section, and any special half-time events.

Videos can show the crowd cheering and the action on the court, as well as snippets of any half-time activity. The game is on Valentine’s Day, so perhapsthe mascot, Wolfie, will have a special performance in store for the fans.

Interviews with the crowd can show why people attended the game and why they follow the team. After the game, it would be useful to get reactions on the final score, whether Stony Brook wins or loses.

Sporting events occur quite frequently, so it is important that game coverage gets published as soon as possible. The next Stony Brook Men’s Basketball game is just three days after at Albany. Fans will want to see whether the team has momentum going into the next game.

If I cover this event, I would look to how others live-tweeted games in the past and wrote up the coverage to get an idea of this sort of mobile reporting in practice.


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