Slam Poetry: A Night You Don’t Want To Miss

On Wednesday, February 18 at 7pm, Toscanini College– part of Stony Brook’s Undergraduate Colleges– will be hosting the 5th annual Slam Poetry event.

It will take place at Tabler Blackbox Theater on campus.

The event was originally started by a Stony Brook Undergraduate College Resident Assistant to “revitalize creativity and expression through spoken word.”

The event has continuously been one of the most successful programs on campus over the last few years.

“The event is a night of original poetry reading, self-expression, and creativity and has brought poets, performers, and audiences from all over Stony Brook.”

Slam Poetry, if you’re unfamiliar with it, is so exciting. It’s loud, volatile and emotional.

I have seen one of my friends perform Slam Poetry, and I have watched the famous Anis Mojgani on YouTube. He is excellent. I suggest watching them both.

The poet tells you a story with his or her hands and voice—it’s really a whole body act.

This event would be perfect for a multimedia journalist to tweet the acts, the audience reaction, pictures, and videos. It would even be good to tie in you’re own reaction and feelings to the pieces.

I’m looking forward to this event both as an audience member and as a journalist.


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