Huntington Arts Council to feature and honor high school artists

The Huntington Arts Council will hold the opening reception of its 11th-annual High Arts Showcase on Friday, February 13, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Main Street Petite Gallery at 213 Main Street, in Huntington.

This event features the work of high school juniors and seniors attending Long Island high schools in six school districts: Commack, Harborfields, Huntington, Northport/East Northport, Plainview/Old Bethpage and South Huntington. These school districts participate in the Huntington Art Council’s Journey program, established in 1985, which works “to foster the appreciation of cultural diversity through the arts.” Huntington Arts Council achieves this goal primarily by providing multicultural-arts education training to public school art teachers and by holding student art competitions, like its annual High Arts Showcase.

At the opening reception on February 13, exemplary student artists will be honored with “Awards of Excellence.” The exhibit will remain on display through March 2, 2015. 

As a journalist, I’d like to cover this event because I know art; it’s another major interest of mine. As a mobile journalist, I’d like to cover it because I know art: Gallery openings are always fun and buzzing with people, which makes for great multimedia journalism. According to Huntington Arts Council Arts-in-Education Manager Peggy Low, I should have no problem finding people who are in good spirits and willing to chat, as expected at the event are around 70 to 80 proud student-artists and their (even-prouder) family members and art teachers.

Besides being filled with great interview subjects, art exhibition receptions are also full of incredible visual material: art. I’m planning on taking many photos of students with their art (“putting a face to the art”, so to speak). I think it would be interesting to approach the event from this angle. I plan on asking students about what inspired them, and also about the Journey program: Have they grown as artists while participating in the program? What is their take on the multicultural aspect of the program? I also plan on asking students about their hobbies, future career plans and biggest dreams to add an extra layer of depth to my coverage.

Additionally, I’d like to ask participating students’ parents and art teachers their take on the Journey program and on the students themselves. Lastly, I’ll interview a representative or two from the Huntington Arts Council on their take of the High Arts Showcase and the Journey program, just to round out my story. I’ll take video footage of students accepting their awards and important or meaningful excerpts of speeches. I’ll tweet live with updates on award winners and also with my favorite quotes from the interviews I conduct, and perhaps of the names of some of the more interesting works of art to pique my followers’ interests and entice them to read my blog after the event!


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