The New News Diet

Tweet, hashtag, newsfeed, post, trending, retweets, favorites and tags-now try having your parents define those words to you. Chances are they probably don’t have any idea what those words mean. These words weren’t a part of their “news diet.” They received their news from newspapers, the nightly news, or for those older folks the radio.

Oh how times are a changing.

courtisy of Flickr
Courtesy of Flickr

Social media has become a huge part of networking and staying on top of breaking news stories, as well as staying ahead of your competitors.

I guess you could say I get a little excited when it comes to following a variety of accounts on Twitter, considering I follow 835 accounts and only have about a quarter of that number in followers. When I first joined Twitter I realized that pretty much everyone you could possibly be interested in following has a Twitter account, from Lady Gaga to Diane Sawyer. I became excited to follow a variety of news organizations such as BBC, NPR, New York Times and the Washington Post. In doing so I realized I would help network myself to future employers and begin to create a “brand” for myself.

Twitter is usually the first form of social media I look at when I wake up in the morning. I check it before I get out of bed, before Instagram and long before I pick up the New York Times. There have been several occasions where I heard about breaking news via Twitter.

One morning while I was scrolling through my news feed, I saw a tweet about the Brian Williams’ scandal. If it wasn’t for Twitter I probably wouldn’t have found out about that story until later that night. However, because of the immediacy of Twitter I was able to find out  much earlier.

Not only do I usually find breaking news on Twitter, I also find myself checking Twitter for updates or developments. If I’m on the go, at work or in school, I don’t have time to read a lengthy article; instead I will check my Twitter feed to read the latest developments.

The word microblogging, seems so technical, scientific and futuristic. But, the truth is we are here, we are the future. We now live in a world much closer to that of the Jetsons then the Brady Bunch.


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