The News Diet: All for gains, not losses

The news diet is essential for Web editors to get a leg-up on the competition. It’s about consuming the right things; a variety of the latest events.

For the longest time, I only followed the main accounts of a few news organizations, but as I am starting to follow more of them, along with individual journalists, I am finding myself maintaining a healthy news diet.

Twitter is the first source of news I look to everyday. I scroll through my feed, seeing what happened overnight and what is happening at the moment. I see it all from multiple sources.

Following a wide range of news organizations and reporters has its benefits. It allows for an opportunity to not only see events unfold in real-time, but to see them covered from different angles and perspectives. For an editor, it shows what has and hasn’t been covered, what the competition did well and what they may have missed.

I added individual reporters to my list of people I follow, including Julie Pace, White House Corespondent for the Associated Press, and Tamara Keith, White House correspondent for NPR.

This will let me see how two reporters on the same beat take different approaches and what they tweet on and off the job.

I am getting used to using Tweetdeck and Feedly to help keep it all under control. I can follow who I want, organized into lists that I tailor to my liking and my advantage. For instance, I can create a whole list of White House correspondents, congressional reporters and political journalists. I can have a separate list for weather and science journalists and so on.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 8.38.54 PM

Why waste time scrolling through a single feed? A Web editor should look to any time-saving tool to stay updated and get stories published in the a fast-paced world of online journalism.

Staying on top of the news is hard work, but getting into the habit of sorting it all using advantageous tools is a step in the right direction for a Web editor.


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