‘Follow’ My Lead And You’ll ‘Like’ What You See On Social Media

On the record: Being a proficient social media user will get any multimedia journalist ahead of the rest.

Off the record: My headline is misleading because for the longest time I thought social media was a forum for users to act out and say things they would never say to anyone in a face-to-face conversation.

So why am I telling you to be a social media-holic?

For instance, I like science and business reporting. So, I followed a bunch of news organizations with complete science and business sections, such as The Atlantic, WIRED, the NYTimes and Bloomberg. If I find an article I found interesting, I share it along with my own heading in 140-characters.

My phone hasn’t stopped buzzing since. Other people who like the things I like retweet my tweets, endorsing my interests.

It is an excellent way to track the stories you are interested in. It also is a way to brand yourself as a credible and reliable source for news.

Get Organized

Let’s face it, there is way too little time in a day to sift through all that is happening, especially when you are only interested in 10 percent of it.

Being able to organize stories that matter to you is an effective way to manage your “news diet.” This can be done by following and liking pages that are in your areas of interest. If you have many areas of interest, you can combine them into subfolders like lists on Twitter or categories on Feedly.

Once in lists or categories, the sifting of news becomes easier. You can see patterns easier and be in tune with top stories. Maybe even more important is that it allows you to see what hasn’t become big yet. There is your next story.

Build A Bigger, Better Brand For Yourself

Social Media as a Pathway to News: Facebook Leads the Way

Folks, rarely do people read the news in a newspaper or watch the television for news. They look for the stories they care about. So, as a journalist, how do you get people to care about your stories?

Brand yourself on social media. Be in tune with the world around you and make yourself a hub of information.

By getting clickable, people can start to add you to their “news diet.”


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