Facebook takeover: Social media for journalism

Social media really freaks me out. I love it, but it’s creepy and I have a theory that Mark Zuckerberg is planning to take over the world through Facebook.

My theory originates from a disney channel movie called Sky High, I think. In the movie, all the students of one high school watch the same video and are manipulated into all wearing blue at school the next day. So creepy. And I think this really could be reality through FB. Not all wearing blue, but some other form of world manipulation. Zuckerberg continues to alter FB and users complain with each change yet they still use it. I don’t want to sound crazy, but I really do think a mass manipulation is on the horizon through Facebook. Plus everything it knows about everyone is insane and creepy.

But I digress.

Social media in the world of journalism is definitely useful, it allows users to share stories with anyone all over the world and it allows for dialogue that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

The best form of social media for journalism is Twitter, 100%. I go on Twitter every day multiple times and just read through headlines and click on stories that I find interesting. It’s also great because I can read a conversation between multiple journalists and then see who they’re all talking to, following, reading, tweeting about, etc. Twitter is also great because of hashtags. As I over-excitedly said in class, Nicholas Kristof retweeted me a few weeks ago– because of a hashtag that he started to engage people in conversation. It was really exciting and a great way to communicate with others and see what other users are writing about the same topic in so many words.

Facebook for journalism is also pretty good. I post some of my articles on Facebook and people will like or comment. The downside with Facebook though is, unless you have a public page, only your friends can see your posts.

Instagram– I enjoy Instagram for my personal social media to interact with friends– not really for journalism. But, I do follow HuffPost, NatGeo, Kristof, WSJ, New York Mag, and a few other publications and journalist on Instagram. It’s cool to see their world beyond journalism. And of course Instagram is awesome for photojournalists.


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