My News Diet? All You Can Eat.

I have always had a large appetite for news. I’m the kind of person who wakes up slowly and lays in bed browsing Twitter, NYT Now, NPR and other apps on my smartphone. When I feel like I’m “in the loop,” I’m ready to start my day.

My morning scrolling is only a sneak peak of the media I consume daily. I watch News 12 as I get ready for school and in between classes I enjoy reading articles on my Feedly App. I’m on the computer a lot of the time, whether I’m at work or killing time elsewhere, with Facebook, The New York Times and Twitter open. I like to flip between CBS and NBC in the evenings. I feel like I can’t not do these things. It’s just what I do.

Keeping up a news diet can be tiring. Journalism school has demanding expectations of how much media we are to absorb daily. Then we get tested on it – great. Sometimes I think, “to hell with it,” when I feel overstimulated.
Courtesy of Crowd Expedition

In a society where so many of us are connected through technology, do journalists have to be more connected than everyone else, or just connected more efficiently?

There are some tips and tricks that journalists use to take in an unbelievable amount of information in a short amount of time. If every story you read throughout the day was equivalent to eating a piece of fruit, aggregator sites like TweetDeck and Feedly create jumbo smoothies. Scrolling through these sites make it easy to skim headlines and access the full articles if you want to see more. Web journalists use these tools to organize stories and browse quickly.

Journalists have to get the story quickly and accurately if they want to win in the ratings and put out something to be proud of. Beefing up my news diet this semester with more science journalism and videography is only going to make me better prepared to talk to my peers and create interesting work.


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