Three Science Blogs That Fit The Bill

There are tons of intriguing health blogs on the Internet, but it can be hard to find the happy medium between dense, complex blog entries inspired by scientific journal articles, and fluffy fitness and nutrition blogs written by peppy 20-somethings in yoga pants.

Here are three blogs that I think do an excellent job of talking about relevant, interesting topics related to health, without bogging us down with jargon.

1. NY Times Well

The Times upholds it’s reputation as cutting edge journalism with one of the most fantastic health blogs out there. They appeal to the everyday health concerns, like nutrition, fitness, supplements, mental health. But they also include some meatier scientific topics like current debates. One of my favorite posts by them discusses ADHD drugs and their impact on a child’s brain. Relevant to many. Interesting to most. And very easy to read.

I think the strongest element of this blog is the frequency. There is always a new post that is engaging and interesting, but without overwhelming the readers with too many posts to read through. You don’t think twice about reading down ten different posts from today because they all hit different topics of interest.

And it’s exactly because of the frequency and the variety that this blog creates a sense of community with their readers. The topics are provocative but relatable, which makes full comment feeds and a connected reader-base.

2. Harvard Health Blog

I think this blog collides the strong reputation of Harvard Medical School with accessible and interesting posts. When I first started reading the blog, I expected to find dense reading. Even though the posts are written by doctors, the posts have the ease of well-written journalism.

Though readable, the blog posts provide in-depth analyses of their topics, often citing scientific journal articles to back up their arguments. Writers still give the variety in subject matter that keeps a health blog interesting, but each post that is written provides a deep analysis into the scientific study and, more importantly, why readers should care and what they can do with this information. I feel like there is a sense of satisfaction in taking control of your own health, and this blog provides the background of hard core scientific research by the best university in the country and brings it right to people’s screens, making it one of my favorites.

3. NPR’s Shots 

As corny as it may sound, the name says it all with this health blog. It’s strength is in it’s style. Consumers can not only get information from the conversational tone that delivers short tidbits of really interesting information, but they can also listen to a podcast, which always generates more traffic to a site because of the ability to listen, rather than actively read. Similar to the previous two blogs, you can also find a variety of subjects on Shots, from the heated debate about vaccinating your children, to the fun pop-culture reference of looking at the impact that binge-watching Netflix has on the brain.

NPR’s headlines for their blog posts tend to bait in the audience, and the comment feeds are full of not only agreements, but also the lively banter of critical readers.


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