Three Blogs That Caught My Eye

With an abundance of blogs with various styles, it seems there is a blog out there for everyone. Here are three blogs that caught my attention:

1. Sarah Frank created Sarah Loves Makeup. Frank offers great reviews and analysis on different makeup brands. She also offers reviews on clothing, handbags, accessories, cocktails and anything else that may attract a fashionista. Frank provides links to where viewers can shop for items she has blogged about. She also provides a “bookmarked” section where viewers can see some of her favorite blogs that she has drawn inspiration from. This section allows for viewers to venture onto other blogs of similar interest. Under the “contact” section, Frank provides the best way to reach her on Instagram, Twitter and via email. She is open to any comments, thoughts and questions. I like this blog the most because Frank incorporates her own voice and interacts with readers.

2.Faith Pierce created That’s Just Fabulous. Under topics, Pierce has a section labeled “OOTD,” or better known as “outfit of the day.” Her post are up-to-date with fashion trends and provide outfits that are cozy, in-season and great for the holidays. Pierce provides information on where her outfits are from and is in tune with season and weather changes. The blog builds an interactive community by providing a place for comments under the pictures that are posted. Pierce is active on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, FaceBook and Bloglovin.

3. Digital Photography School provides in-depth listicles on how to take better pictures, use shutter speed creatively and on the principals of light behavior. The blog offers various tips and tutorials on how readers can better their photography skills. The blog’s biggest strength is being highly informative through listicles and tips.

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